Back to work today and tomorrow morning, and you know what? I’m happy about that! 😀 Taking off New Year’s Day, but will be back Thursday, January 2nd.

For today, I just want to mention that a new Gallery has been installed in the Art Galleries Homepage, called Disney. This is a grand series of cards that has been privately commissioned, and I’m terribly proud of them! There are still a few more left. Please visit either HERE or HERE to view the cards! 😀

I’ve also done two other privately commissioned sets of cards concerning the Lord of the Rings, and hope to got both of those Galleries set up within the week. I’ve had a great time painting those…!

Also planned to be set up (well, it is already set up, but I’d like to organize it early to save time later), is a page for my Bastards. These are my own creations and belong in my world that is already set up, and has been for a couple of years now. That may take a few weeks to get to, as I’ve got some set work to complete first.

As for my GoDaddy and WordPress experiences, so far they seem to play nice together, and I must say it is a relief not to have to worry about space. This site can be loaded with artwork till the cows come home – there is no problem. Which is really good since I don’t have any cows. It would take a long time till they get home.

Comments are very welcome! 😀




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