Well, old ones, to be honest, but re-installed in their brand new homes on this host. I’d like to think there is more order (even though there are only a few at the moment), and if I keep setting them up in this manner, it should be easier to finds things.

As of this post, I’m not working until Thursday, December 26, 2013. Due to The Season, time will be completely taken up with all the stuff that goes along with this time of year – cooking, cleaning, shopping (but trying to keep that limited), cooking (it never ends), and visiting. Speaking only for my own personal self (yes I know that’s redundant – it’s my blog and I’ll be redundant if I want to… 😀 ), my tree decorating and such has been done with the rejoicing of the lengthening of the days in mind, time will once again be travelling in the right direction. Yes! (fist-pumps heartily) spring is JUST around the corner!

Wellllll….. maybe a slight exaggeration. A teensy bit. But hey, at least we’re not losing daylight anymore! Reason enough to pass the eggnog.

During the wonderful Change of the Season festivities, I shall still be drawing and watercolor-ing (look Ma, new word!) in my sketchbook, playing with ideas for a project that I’ve been asked to participate in later next year, using ideas I have already created. I can’t wait! Those ideas don’t end with that project, either, but I won’t say more until I have something to actually show.

As for those Galleries I’d begun writing about at the top of this post, there are two ways to see what is put up so far: on the Menu bar up top, either click on Art Galleries Homepage, and pick the Gallery of your choice from there, or hover your mouse over the same link and a drop-down menu will appear, and you can choose from there. Over time I will put up some of the others I had on the other site, and new work will go in this area too. I’ve got unlimited space here, so I can stuff my Galleries as much as my bookshelves in my studio – until they beg and groan for relief!

I hope to find a moment to post my experiences with both WordPress and GoDaddy, both the good and the bad, because have a website/portfolio online is practically essential in this day and age. And now, there are so many ways to go about getting or making one, and I’d like to share my own trials and tribulations, in case it could possibly help someone else who is deciding what to do about it.

Until then, have a safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Time Travelling… whatever you celebrate, do it safely, and with people you care about, even if that person is your pet cat. Let your biggest gift be your heart.



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