From "The Book of Probabilities", a work in progress.

From “The Book of Probabilities”, a work in progress.

Well how about that – it’s Monday once again. Yay! (didn’t expect that, did you?)

I am completely and totally in love with a couple of projects I’m working on at the moment. They are ALL wonderful, of course… I like just about everything I work on. The work I produce is not always the bestest I’d like it to be, but such is life, love, and deadlines. One just has to deal with it and move on.

The Dinosaur Galaxy set for Monsterwax is finished and was a lot of fun to work on – I’ll be painting the two Artist Proof cards either this week or the next. What dinosaurs to paint has not yet been decided, it’s a tough choice – go for blood and guts or the vegetarians?

The cards I’m doing for Rittenhouse are complete, they are being packed and mailed today. Quite liked that set as well, and the cardstock was great fun to work on.I’m also painting some cards for Dustra Productions “Inceptions” sketch card set, and I’m loving it because I get to paint unicorns! I’m always up for painting anything equestrian in nature!

Another project I’m in love with is a “sketchbook” project I’ve working on in free time for the past six months. It is part standard art book, part fiction, and because this is my own project it has permission to go in any direction it wishes to. Most of the artwork in this book is and will be pencil, watercolor, and ink; some pieces a mix of all, and some pieces just pencil or watercolor. To your viewing left is one of many works-in-progress, more of which I’ll keep sharing. There will be all kinds of things in this book, and I can’t wait to put it all together, even though it will be at least another six months before that happens. However, I definitely will be posting previews all along the way (there are many already, waiting to be shown), so do check in to see. There isn’t an exclusive page for that yet but it will come eventually. the whole idea is they will remain sketches, but what you see as previews are not complete.

Last week I also finished a few horse art cards – and there are more on the way! Take a look…

Cannelle Dustra - card 1

Before signing off, I’d like to share some thoughts. I listen to a lot of podcasts (as do many people in my line of work), and there are a few that really stand out for me. They really have to do with business, specifically the business of writing, but the lessons learned in these podcasts can really be applied to any creative-based business. The times, they are a-changing, and mighty fast, so it is worth trying to keep up if one wishes to even try to survive, and these people are generous with the sharing of their experiences. I HIGHLY recommend giving these a try, if you are so inclined:

The Creative Penn (Joanna Penn) – This woman is basically my hero, she is amazing. Her approach to business and succeeding is very simple: If what you are doing isn’t working, change it. Try something different. Approach the problem from a different direction.

The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast – Interesting to listen to different people explain their different approaches to problems.

The Self-Publishing Podcast – These three dudes are pretty amazing and share everything they go through as they grow their business. Whether you agree or disagree with how they do it, everyone learns something. Be aware, however, their podcasts are usually explicit – I wouldn’t let kids listen to it.

Until next time, what do you read? Or listen to?

What’s your fascination? 😀

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