Two new cards to show, one of which is available until Sunday. Both cards are Artist Proof cards from my participation in Perna Studio’s Spellcaster set (of which there are two remaining and are spoken for). The first card is an effort to get my voodoo on, and to play with different color combinations. “Mask of Malaise” is up for auction, on Ebay this time for exposure ( 🙂 ), starting at a low $35 and ends Sunday July 7th:

[singlepic id=264 w=306 h=433]

And then there is “Steinn”, the Icelandic unicorn so-called because he is the color of stone (and has the character of one). He is not available… :

[singlepic id=265 w=304 h=430]

If you have a hockey fan who’d like an original Artist Proff card, please visit my Etsy store for the only two Leaf hockey cards I have left! 🙂

Many thanks for having visited my site… 😀

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