Alright then… A new experiment for Fabulous Friday. I am trying a self-hosted auction right here on my site, and using Paypal. A card I’ve had for a while but haven’t promoted hardly at all, will be the guinea pig… The reason I am trying this, is because a: Ebay takes a tidy chunk off of every sale, and b: Ebay won’t let me sell to any country, and I don’t know why. I will still use Ebay, but as little as possible. I would rather sell for a bit less, but do it directly whenever possible.On the Auction page, please click the listing to be sent to the proper auction page, with a nice big card image, and all the dohickeys needed to participate.

Patrick Macnee, as John Steed from the Avengers 50 tv series, is up for auction starting at… .99! A reserve is obligatory for the auction to function but it is at five dollars, because I just want to see how this works. This is set up WITHOUT Ebay, but in conjunction with Paypal (securely), so it basically works the usual way.

The auction ends Sunday at 1:00pm Montreal time.

Any feedback on this – positive or negative – is sincerely welcomed!

Please click: Current Auction (and click the listing to have access to the bidding tools and bigger card image)Thank you for looking, or participating, or commenting! (or all of them… :) )

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