Most (though not all) of my contract work is done, and I am now getting back to commissions. I shall have a variety of things to show in the coming weeks, apart from my week of vacation in early August. (can’t wait!) Unicorns, Star Wars, and the Invasion of Normandy are on my list of “things to paint”.

One of a series of Lord of the Rings commissions has been added to my Personal Art Cards gallery on the Art Galleries page. I also have more Disney to add to its own portfolio, I hope to do that soon.

Below is a sample of what I did waaaay over a year ago for Breygent. (at least a year and a half… if not longer). I feel the need to explain: Through no fault of Breygents, approvals from the TV studios for all of the sketch cards was apparently very, very difficult to get, setting back the release date of this set endlessly. When I worked on these cards, I very rarely painted any of my pack-inserted cards, nor did I scan them individually – the reason for which in the Gallery, they are grouped.

Such is life, but I wish I could have painted them. My 4 return cards, however, can be painted, and I intend to do so. In late August my plan is to auction, at least one of them, here and unpainted – meaning the winner will have the choice of what will be painted. I hope there will be a little interest for them…!

Possibly in September, there will also be two Pastime Baseball return cards available – I might do the same thing, offer them as a blank auction and the winner will have the choice of player. The player must be a Hall of Fame player, however.

I invite you to leave comments and thoughts below, if you wish. 🙂 Thank you!

I look forward to painting some Grimm.

[singlepic id=280 w=612 h=430]

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