topps_sw_master_extra_1So I finally got to it, the fifteen extra cards painted for the set from Topps are now posted at the bottom of the Star Wars Masterwork gallery page. Please forgive the messiness of the layout – I’ve been trying to find the best way to show images, and I just don’t have the time to reload what isn’t quite right. It will be done eventually, but not right away. Your understanding is truly appreciated…

Ebay. Feebay. Shoobay. Do you know, do you know, that Ebay takes about 15% of whatever you make?? Now, I totally understand that paying fees are worth the audience and all those things that go along with having someone else host an auction. I get it. PayPal also takes its fees, as does your bank when you transfer money in between accounts. I don’t bitch and complain about that because they don’t take 15 bleeping percent of what I make! I am not a big player. My income is on the very low-end of the scale. If I made a hundred grand a year, well, you figure it in, you do what you gotta do. I’m not one of those people.

I’ve tried hosting my own auctions and frankly, while it works, it isn’t easy (another reason I know full well what Ebay does). HOWEVER. I am making it completely public that from now on, what ever I put on Ebay (not what other people put, only my auctions), will have a 15% increase on the price, just to cover the Ebay fees. Not Paypal or anything else, just Ebay. I’ll be very open to finalizing a deal off Ebay for 15% less and simply taking down the auction. I don’t got no problem with that anymore.

Ideally, whenever I’ll have work available, my mailing list will be the first people to know, and then it’ll go where it needs to go.

I’m posting this in an effort to be open about the way I do business, I’m not ashamed of anything – not my practices, nor my income, nor my funnels. I’m also open to questions, should anyone be curious about anything. The independent writing crowd has taught me a lot about how non-threatening it is to be open, and I take my hat off (well, I would if I wore one) to them all.

À bientôt!

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