cryptozoic_hobbit_smaug_7I have several pieces to show actually, for once it is too much to show in one post. The hockey piece will be shown tomorrow, as well two other completed commissions.

For today It’s about the set from Cryptozoic Entertainment, cards I finished way back in October of 2014 (gads, time flies…) and today I have gotten permission to show them. We had a very generous deadline and that permitted me to put decent time into most of these cards – I’m actually quite proud of these. They are all on their own page “Desolation of Smaug” (of course), and I invite you to take a look. It would appear that the release date for this set has now been fixed at May 15th, 2015.

Painting dragons can only be a ton of fun, and the card to the left was great practice for a future set (for a different company) that sort of maybe just might have some dragons in it. And other creatures. Well, it’s a rumor that could be possible. (squeee!)

A few more Smaug cards:

cryptozoic_hobbit_smaug_14 cryptozoic_hobbit_smaug_5 cryptozoic_hobbit_smaug_2

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