It has been busy… 🙂 A new base card painting is on my table, as well as two new Unicorns, several commissions, return cards, and personal cards to be painted, along with a few that have now been completed. I haven’t gotten further along with my vector art tries, just too much to do, but I’ll get back at it. I also got another 1200 words written on my fiction project.

Just to be chatty, the last season of Fringe is coming along nicely. I miss the old days in Walter’s nifty lab, but well, no story can be good if there is no character growth, can it? And Revolution. Now that is a puzzle of a show. I like it, I don’t like it… but I still tag along for the ride. (and Miles with a sword is a pleasant thing to watch… :-)…) I think what keeps me in it, is the fact that – so far – the characters are very interesting, and the mystery is intriguing. And I simply must know – for how bloody long will Charlie remain so bloody annoying?? There must be a reason why her character is a lot like nails on a blackboard.

Okay. So here are my latest pieces, including one that is on Ebay and ends Saturday, October 20th. Click the names to visit the auctions:

Darth Maul

John Steed

Darth Maul, painted on a Star Wars Fan Days 2011 card
John Steed, from the ’60’s TV show “The Avengers”. This is the first of three return cards.

Private commission, a Lord of the Rings acrylic-painted card.

Private commission, another Lord of the Rings card, painted in acrylic.
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