Please forgive me, I must ramble on for a short bit… my “brain-cup” runneth over… 🙂 But trust me, it has to do with the state of commissions and work.

Vacation is over….. And of course, like most vacations, we’re left physically tired but mentally refreshed and ready to go. I think that it must be similar for most vocations – not enough new “input” and the brain gets a bit stale. Well this time, the brain (mine, that is) is most definitely not stale after a ten-day break. Please let me explain.

Part of our vacation was several days in New York City, a place I’ve never had the opportunity to visit before. Now, I have had the chance to travel in my life, specifically Denmark and France (and a few cities in Russia, many years ago), as well as the Maritimes and the Gaspesie regions here in Canada. There is something about visiting somewhere else that really seems to stimulate the mind and imagination like nothing else. And visiting a different culture can make crystal clear whether the road you have chosen in life is the road you really wanted to take, and if the decisions you made along the way were the ones you wanted to make.

Seeing all this through the eyes of my two teens this past week was fascinating. They have not yet (unfortunately) had the opportunity to go overseas, but visiting the city of New York was pretty close. It made the wish to travel stronger in one of the two, and in the other… well, he is not a talkative person – his preferred method of communication is music – but even he would initiate conversation, something he almost never does.

New York City is like a little world unto itself. I have vivid memories of Moscow, Paris and Copenhagen and (in those days anyway) the difference in culture – especially Moscow – really yanks one out of the familiar and shows another perspective on life and choices. New York is not as different as that, but enough to be fascinating and stimulating. Like Montreal, the mix of different cultures kind of creates its own culture… And watching the mix of habits and beliefs interact with both tolerance and reservation is like reading an early Stephen King novel… you know the shoe will drop somewhere, somehow, and it will be beautifully horrible, but you’ve just got to keep turning the pages because it could be anytime.

And now I want to let all of that simmer in the back of my mind and try desperately to draw and paint it. The beauty of horror, the regret of symmetry, the rightness of denial. It will take the rest of my life, and many more trips. (a Tardis could be useful… if I could find my sonic screwdriver…)

Oy. I’ve been without chocolate for a bit too long, methinks… 😀 It will take a day to get my lists organized, but all those commissions are indeed moving along, as well as sketches for new base artwork, and a small number of cards for a few upcoming sets. If you are someone who has commissioned from me, please feel free to contact me to know how it is moving along. My commission list is closed until I am up to date, and new cards will be posted here and on Facebook as they are done.

If you have actually read this far along, I take my hat off to you and thank you for listening! 🙂

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