A HUGE, IMMENSE thank you to everyone who participated in, bid, visited, any or all of the above, my very first self-hosted auction. It was a resounding success! At least, I think so. I’d love feedback from anyone who saw or took part in it… This is not something I intend to do very often, nothing can beat the audience of established places like Ebay, but as an artist who attempts to make it as a freelancer, and who enjoys direct interaction with people (well, y’know, as “direct” as it gets with the internet…), the ability to self-host an auction is handy tool when it is required, and the only fees involved are those with Paypal.

My website has different options to subscribe to updates, should anyone wish to tag along with me. Whether you prefer email notifications or rss feeds, you can sign up to be notified of any new posts. Again, I don’t update daily, but generally once a week, with any new work or links to auctions (wherever they are) and the like. Very occasionally, I will post on worthless stuff like my Doctor Who fascination, but that is rare, and I may keep that for Facebook and Twitter now… lol…

Artwork can also be purchased directly from me, and is/will be posted on my “For Sale” page HERE. If you wish to make an offer, please do so! Contact me through either ingrid.hardy.1@sympatico.ca  or  ingridhardy32@gmail.com.

Thank you once again! (great big huge huggles smiley here) And feedback is welcome.

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