Warning: Below contains a previously-shown image, repeated thoughts, rabid fangirl stuff, way too many words for this time of day (the fault of coffee and the fact that I haven’t had time to write in nearly a month… it has got to come out, and to the fact that I’ve got no fangirl friends in real life to share this with, y’all ‘r stuck with it… 🙂 ) This is also what was posted on my Facebook page, for better or worse…

The Space channel is the channel I watch most often, when I do watch TV (after that the Science channel and National Geographic get lots of air time), because that is where I can find stuff like Sanctuary, Castle, Star Trek and similar shows, nifty sci-fi movies and, of course, Doctor Who. (Why they haven’t had Fringe, I am not sure.)

But anyway, about six or so years ago (maybe five) they were in the middle of the reboot of Doctor Who, during the Martha Jones era. Now, I’d seen a few episodes of the show in the late ’80’s During Tom Baker’s run, but (and please forgive me here) I did not enjoy his version of the Time Lord much. I found him to be rather macho and condescending to his female companion, which I’ve been told was actually the Doctor’s attitude to any human, during that run. I suppose to be fair I should really rewatch that run.

But I completely lucked out when I tuned in to it again by accident because it happened to be the episode “Blink”. Since then I’ve watched and re-watch every episode of Doctor Who from “Run” in Christopher Eccleston under-rated series, to the very end of David Tennant’s run. When the great dvd sales happen, I’ll be getting the entire run of those tow, along with all of Matt Smith’s interpretation of the Doctor, and I’ll be quite happy indeed.

“Blink” is the one episode I would offer to someone looking to understand what Doctor Who is basically about and gently get them into the world of the Tardis, and beautifully describes what an excellent story time-travel can be when done well. The character of Sally Sparrow is fabulous – a smart female lead who does NOT need saving every ten seconds, and is the one who saves everyone by intelligent, not be being cute or manipulative.

So the point of all this, besides wasting a lot of virtual space, so to speak? Well, the Facebook page of the aforementioned Space channel posted that they were looking for fan art to post, and good golly I just had to dig this up. (Walter Bishop might have been added too, but wasn’t sure if we could put up more than one) This piece, done several years ago, is one of three pieces I keep for myself (the other being, of course, the autographed John Noble sketch, and a piece of guitarist Matthew Bellamy from Muse), and Space posted on their page!

Science Fiction and Fantasy has (and has had) a huge influence on culture since the Stone Age, in my opinion. Yes, I think from that far back. When looking at all the carvings, drawings, paintings and such that have been left behind, art and imagination of been an outlet for the human mind to try to explain the surrounding forest or desert, then the world, and then the universe (we’ll leave the multi-verse out of it for now… lol… but it’s there, and much more as well).

I’m hoping to take a course offered in October concerning just that, the effect of sci-fi fantasy on human culture, but I’m not too sure time will be available. But here’s hoping.

I really wanted to share all this, and if anyone actually read it all, well, I thank you. And now my paint calls.


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