A short, Saturday update.  For the most part, I have given up on Ebay, and over the next week I’ll be removing what artwork is listed. Ebay will not let me list in some countries, I have no idea why, and the whole point of Ebay is to let a seller reach a large audience. Ebay takes a decent cut of money out of whatever you sell, so for that cut, I would want decent service, like letting me reach buyers everywhere. But, like many other social platforms, they change the game rules when they wish.

So fine. Be that way. I’m not the only person to be shunted by Ebay… It seems quite a few people have gotten the short end of the stick by them, and some people think the big selling platform is trying to weed out small sellers and only cater to the bigger “stores”.

In comes Etsy. It certainly isn’t new, and I’ve tried it before (and given up), but this time I’ll try it properly. It doesn’t work as an auction site, but more as an online store where a seller can offer their items at a fixed price. It is a slightly friendlier site and has lots of neat things you can “favorite”, and you can create a circle of “friends”, if you wish.

When you go take a look at my as-yet-unfinished-but-finished-enough-to-visit store – 🙂 – along the left side of your screen you”ll see lots of buttons and stuff, one of them being a button I really like: “Request Custom Item”. Now that button was made for people like me, who often take commissions. It’s another way you can request a commissioned, painted Personal Art Card (when I can take them), or a slightly larger painting.

All that to say: If you wish, take a look at my Etsy store! I also have a few blank cards that I have not yet painted (but have gotten permission to offer for sale), and will put those up for sale as soon as I have a moment.

Etsy is, as selling platforms go, a rather nifty site with a gentler feel to it. All kinds of creative people are there selling handmade items, and now I’m one of them. If I was old enough, I’d dig out my tie-dyed T-Shirts and braided sandals…

In other news, I have completed a number of pieces, most of which I cannot show yet, and I can’t wait until I am allowed to, so do stay tuned if you are a fan of sketch cards/Art Cards. From what I understand, sometime in March at least one company will let us start showing a few of our pieces, including one I did for an article somewhere. Can’t say for who. Can’t say OF who, either.

Also coming up in March is the return of Grimm and Revolution. Finally! With the demise of Fringe, there is very little worth watching… But my biggest “omg I can’t wait” show is of course Doctor Who. It’s 50th anniversary this year means the BBC is planning special stuff for all us Whovians, and rumors are flying. I think I shall set up a countdown here somewhere…

Until then – Allons-y!

(And if you wish – My Etsy Store…)

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