It’s absolutely freezing outside – we’ve been hovering around the -25 (nighttime) to -8/9 (daytime) degrees celcius thiese days. Enough is enough…! But artwork and the Showcase projects are keeping me really busy, so before I know it Spring will have arrived.

My Showcase website bit the dust last night, and had to be rebuilt. Just the swearing kept me warm through that… lol! But now the site is where it was supposed to be to begin with. It will take time to populate again – all the text and stuff was lost in the file mishap – but well, such is life. When it’s hockey night again, I’ll get a glass of wine and chat away once more. Take a look at Otis Frampton, Don Pedicini, and their opinions on my questions. I cannot wait to announce the interviewees for edition 3! Shan’t be long.

In the meantime, Princess Leia is looking for a new home… She is on Ebay until Saturday. If you wish to bid, please click the link!

Princess Leia Link


Thank you for reading and looking!

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