Things are not moving quite as quickly this week due to a back injury, but it is slowly (endlessly) getting better.

As of this week, I’m now finished with another set – can’t wait to show those cards. One set I thought I was a part of never arrived, so more time is going in to the commissions I have left! Below is the last in an ongoing Lord of the Rings commissioned set – because I have not yet figured out how to scan blues properly, the scan looks much flatter than it looks in hand. It’s much brighter and deeper for real.

In between a few more commissions is a request for a piece that really surprised me, and in a good way. No, actually, in a great way! In my inbox last week was a request from Rancho Obi-Wan to create a quick piece for their fundraiser, and I was thrilled to say yes, of course! I hope it they will like it, I’m so nervous. It’ll be posted here as soon as the paint is dry, believe me. 🙂

On a last note, I’m sending out my “pre-issue” of Showcase! this weekend. It’s fairly short and sweet, just giving my mission statement for the year the project will last, and to ask the people on the list if they wish to follow along or not. I’ve already gotten some people interested in participating, so I’m completely thrilled about that! Succeed or fail, it should be interesting.

And here is my latest (again, it has more depth in hand), and I’m very proud to been asked to create all these cards for a fabulous collection featuring all kinds of styles!

Lord of the Rings

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