It has been too long since I’ve updated…! So much work, and much planning on my personal artwork projects. I have now finished all the cards for Historia LLC, the gallery for those cards has been updated. As well, a few commissions have been completed, not all of which I can show, and a couple more should be done this week, and will show them off as they are done! My next set is also beginning as of Wednesday.

As an aside, I probably will drastically reduce the number of sets I participate in next year, not because I don’t want to do them (I love them all), but I just can’t do that many. It cuts into my time completing commissions and other necessary day-job artwork. Sketch card sets are great to work on, I just can’t afford to do them all!

The way things are going, I may well be able to finally open up my commissions in late January or so, if there are any people who would like a personal sketch/art card from me…

Over on my SciFiFanGirl page, I posted my spoiler-heavy thoughts on the incredible Doctor Who 50th Anniversary show last Saturday (and yes, I squealed like a little girl when the Tenth Doctor made his appearance!) One of these evenings this week I shall also update my thoughts on where I’m up to in “S.” – I’m almost finished and it is an experience.

I cannot wait to complete and show some of the work I’m doing on my own project… Do stay tuned! 😀


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