Snow WalkerThe very last of my Star Wars Masterwork 2 cards is now done and available on Ebay. Rancho Obi-Wan has not yet given me the link to the Padmé card (a few posts below) but I’ll post it as soon as they do.

A new short post showing another watercolor is now up on my Patreon site! Early access to any new watercolors, or travel related art will be shown over there first. Sketch card related work will always be shown here, that does not change at all. Patreon is to help support my development outside the sketch card world, with outdoor/travel sketching, watercolors of many different topics, things like that. Your support over is immensely important and appreciated!

To all you American folk who pass by this site – Happy Fowl-Fest to you all, have a safe time of it. Gobble gobble!

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