A new commission finished last Friday, shown to the left… One of my Warlord of Mars returns. I’m hoping to have the chance to paint some more planets very soon…!

What also went out to all subscribers about a week and a half ago, was my “Mission Statement” for my year-long project entitled “Showcase!”. By the end of this week, I should be ready to put out the second edition, which has two short interviews: One with the inimitable Otis Frampton, and the other with the ever-popular Don Pedicini Jr. Both interviews contain sample artwork from both as well.

Stay tuned for that (even better, subscribe and have it delivered right to you), and upcoming editions will be having chats with the likes of Nar!, Laura Inglis, Marleyeds the Scoundrel, and many others.

Another update is the addition of a store to these here parts. Feebay (Ebay) is becoming mighty ridiculous for little people like myself, so I am going to try the store option here for at least the year and see how that goes. Thus far, there is one item – my Roberto Clemente artist proof card from Pastime Cards – and there will be more of various prices, as time goes on. Please check it out, and if there is any trouble whatsoever, please contact me and I will help you out. 🙂 Rabid Horse Store

[gview file=”http://rabidhorse.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/showcase_issue_00.pdf”]

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