Porcelaine, En Couleur…

I wish this little statuette was still in my possession, it has many memories for me from when I was much younger. A couple of years ago, while wandering around a garage sale somewhere, I saw one just like it, which kind of shattered my fantasy of having something unique… lol. Oh well, my memories of the original stay unchanged. :-)I think the idea with watercolor is to really let it do what it does best, and not really try to paint what you think you want. Put it on the paper and see what it does… Push it, or rather “encourage” it, here and there… Let it dry and lay another layer on it. This is still a learning experience for me, but I’m thinking that three layers might be a good maximum, after that things get a bit muddy.

And by the way, I don’t think too many people can lay down a “perfect” one layer right off the bat. (actually I don’t think there is any such thing as perfect, but that’s another story entirely) There is, however, a good time to say “stop! wooooah Nellie, time to put the wagon away”, and stop messing with the piece.

I can’t wait to figure out when that is…. :-p

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I Love Deadlines…

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by…” (Douglas Adams)

It’s been some time since the last email! Those deadlines mentioned above have  indeed whooshed by, but happily I managed to make them. Along with that, nearly every Monday I’ve put up a post on my Patreon page! Exclamation mark because it’s been a year now, and I’ve stuck with it, didn’t give up on it, so I’m now in it for the long haul. While not perfect, I do like the platform because any post I make goes automatically to those who are interested, so my emails and artwork are not bothering those who are no longer interested. (totally understand, it happens to us all)

Below is something that, with the help of someone who like my work (shocked exclamation point here – ! ), I’ll be doing at least once a month. Possibly more often (especially when the weather is warm enough outside), but let’s say once a month I’ll be taking either a card, a painting, or sometimes a watercolor, and video taping it (ok, I guess the modern word is “GoPro-ing” it…?) from beginning to end. Granted, there is a learning curve, and as it takes me at least 5 hours (often 7 or more, and paintings take days), the videos will be done in chunks and/or sped up considerable. I’ll learn as I go, and see what works best.

Below is the first attempt. Not with painting a card, this is of an Artist Proof already done and is just 30 seconds or so long (the card is up for auction until October 22nd or so…) just to try out the camera and try to edit. Editing is the most time-consuming and has the biggest learning curve. The biginning of the video is fine, but the end just drops off (I lost patien– *cough* — ran out of time, I meant to say, lol), but I’m sure it will be fine the next time.

I’ve completed lots of work since the last post as well, and will update that in a future post/email. Half completed as we “speak”, is an artist proof card from Topps’ Journey to The Last Jedi (I can’t wait to see the movie) that I’ve been doing on video from blank to complete. That video should be ready over next weekend, and my Patrons have early access to that, after which it’ll be for everyone to see. Crossing my fingers I can stitch it together… The video below was put together (well, the beginning anyway) with OpenShot Video Editor, an open-platform editor. Seems basically the same as any other editor – the tricky part is figuring out which file format works best (MP4 seems to play nicest with YouTube).

Anyway. Warning: self-promo ahead, again: Become a Patron of “moi”, and help me become a better creator/artist/illustrator! Patrons are an indispensable brick in the wall that supports any artist. You are valued beyond belief! Whether you pledge 1$ or 15$, it all counts and goes to defrays the cost of paint (I go through tubes of paint like a baby goes through diapers 😄  ), taking the time to sketch/paint pretty much anything, sketch/paint outside instead of only in studio, AND helps cover the time it takes to keep up with technologies like videos.

Until next time, Live Long and Prosper! (yes, I do know the music I chose didn’t go with the theme of the beginning blurb, but those deadlines were whooshing by…)

Links mentioned: Luke Skywalker, Drawn and Divided Patreon (yours truly)

Monday Morning Rant, Oh For The Love of Sketch Cards…

Sooo…. This seems to be emotional state of the sketch card world these days…

(Ridiculously long speech ahead! Happy Monday anyway. 🙂 )
Much as I’d like to say “oh well, let’s just not look, it’s a gorgeous day let’s forget it”, experience tells me that when enough mold is swept under the rug, nasty things start crawling out from under that rug eventually.
It’s true that sometimes kids just have to argue out their differences, but when one kid is accused of selling chocolate when it’s actually something else turns around to say “well that’s what everyone else does” in order to deflect guilt, well, methinks there is a real problem.
Especially when it’s NOT what the vast majority of everyone else does. Art is difficult to define. One person’s Mona Lisa is another person’s toilet paper – whacha gonna doo. Everyone has a right to their own peaceful opinion.
It gets messy when a person tries to sell one thing as something else, then there is a very real problem, and in some cases a legal one.
Alright. The following is my opinion (my peaceful opinion), and one I stick to. Pre-printed art. Disclosure: My own artwork is hand painted, messy, mushy, and hopefully colorful because that is the way I personally like it, NOT BECAUSE I THINK IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO WORK.
—– It is the way I like to work, and always have. It’s what truly turns me on visually.
However, there are many ways of working, and pre printed art is one of them. My opinion on it is utterly meaningless. There are people who enjoy it, and that is wonderful.
The ONLY time it’s wrong is if someone tries to sell (the global) you a piece of art they say is hand drawn/painted/sketched, when it is actually printed. There is a legal word for that, it escapes me at the moment. If you want to sell pre printed work, just SAY it is pre printed – there are no doubt buyers who will be happy with it – but be honest.
Dishonesty, fraud, all that stuff, it hurts EVERYONE in the long run. Making a living in the art world is very much a challenge – one I love and wouldn’t change for anything. It is very disheartening to see collectors who enjoyed very much the luck of pulling any number of various artists’ work from sketch card packs, collectors who also enjoy commissioning a variety of other types of sketches or paintings, now become suspicious and wary of dealing with artists who have spent years building reputations.
This situation has happened before, but with this “artist”, I have never seen such vitriol from him towards other artists, collectors, sketch card companies such as Topps and Cryptozoic, telling everyone to “***k off” again and again and again.
I love my job and I STAND BY EACH AND EVERY ART CARD AND PAINTING I’ve done! But I also stand by those artists who have been around for a long time creating their own styles and flavors of artwork – all of us who do work based on pop culture must do realistic art – that is what is required – but we all try to put our own spins on those pieces! Besides those projects, we all do our own types of artwork as well! Art/sketch cards is just one of a vast number of venues.
To finish, I implore collectors to stick with us. We’ve been here through thick and thin. We do NOT go flipping birds to other artists. We DON’T go telling the various companies that hire us *uck off (to the public, by the way).
Every single line of work has it’s issues, be it working in the shop, being a teacher, department stores, anything. No job is perfect.
To go online and be utterly mean and revolting to avoid fraud is wrong. He is damaging in more ways than one.
I invite all artists to be proud of what they create, represent it honestly, and always, ALWAYS keep growing.

This promises to be a (happily) busy winter ahead! …yes I said the “w” word, summer has been basically very cool up here in Quebec…

Several new sketch/art card projects on the near and far horizons, new paintings, and a new (squeeeeeee!!!) project with a very small group of artists, that I can’t mention yet but look forward to showing at one point in time.

Lastly, but not leastly, keep up with my efforts in sketching, drawing, painting, all things related to the history of the Canadian Horse on my Patreon page! You don’t have to be a Patron to follow along (there is a “follow” button on there somewhere), but you could count yourself among the outstanding, the incredible, the visionary, if you wished to support my efforts in learning new skills as an artist! ( https://www.patreon.com/ingridhardy )

And now, have a wonderful Saturday.

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