A Brief Pause in My Work

A very short post to say that my projects and commissions will be slowed just a bit over the next short while – hopefully just this week. After an emergency visit to the hospital last weekend, some kind of stomach bug or food poisoning or I don’t know what, made me frightfully ill. I lost 4 pounds in one day (I would say yay about that, but it wasn’t much fun).

It is difficult to work a half a day, never mind a whole day, as I just can’t eat much at all. Please forgive me for being late with everything, your patience is so much appreciated.

To all, Happy Valentines Day tomorrow. 🙂

New Lord of The Rings Personal Art Card Available

Ah, the forest in summer. Here in Quebec, we’re in the deeeep winter of January (as are, of course, many other places) when it’s cold, slippery, and dark more than light. However, the days are slowly getting longer, and boy is that encouraging!

Available as a Personal Sketch/Art card (painted on my personal card stock), this 2.5 x 3.5 inch piece features the Hobbits walking in the forest from the first 2001 movie The Fellowship of the Ring. Hand-painted with acrylic paint, this card will last many years and can be stored in a binder or framed. Visit my Little Shoppe(ify) of Art and Sketch Cards for more available artwork!

Click the card to purchase:

Forest scene from Lord of The Rings


The Little Shoppe of Cards

It’s back, and this time for good as I now have Shopify (lite), a third party thingie that makes things very secure for the buyer. My Little Shoppe(ify) of Art and Sketch Cards probably won’t every have, like, tons of artwork but I’ve always got at least a card or two available.

I like to communicate with people who take the time to look, or purchase, or comment on my work. It means a lot to me that anyone likes what I try to do! So, a couple of weeks ago when someone contacted me through Ebay with a question, the word “mail” came up on my end (and the other person’s as well, for what it’s worth). Two days later I get an email from Ebay telling me my selling will be restricted as a warning for the future. Ebay is shooting itself in the foot. Communication is ULTRA important between buyer and seller, and sometimes it’s just not possible to communicate properly when:

  • A: You have limited vocabulary, because the dictatorship of Ebay forbids a whole bunch of words…
  • B: It takes more time to get into Ebay to reply than it does through my own email account, and dammit Jim I’m a painter not an 18 year old with time on their hands.

Ebay shouldn’t be so dammed insecure. It’s the largest arena for auctions – and I’ll still be using it for such! Let us (especially the small seller like me) communicate with buyers, use all the words, give email addresses! We still come back, f’f**k’s sake.

Anyhoo, lotsa words to say I’ll still have occasional auctions, like always, but for Personal Sketch/Art Cards, or any fixed price work, I’ll be selling from this site AND from my Facebook Page (in Store, on the left side when you are logged in), if you prefer it there. I have yet to make a sale through this medium, so I’ll be breaking out the virtual bubbly if it happens! It’s hard to leave the Big House behind, but well, it has to happen, I guess.

Thank you, as always, for your support and understanding. In other news, all the sketches I’ve been doing for my Patreon page has gotten me thinking I may try putting a book together at the end of this year, show sketches of both traditional subjects (landscapes, still lifes, portraits, etc) and some more fantastical subjects. Stick around to see if and how it progresses!

By the way (last note, I promise), all Patrons get a code to apply to ANY purchase from here or Facebook, corresponding to their level of support – from 10 % to 20% off, and that includes Ebay auctions (I apply it manually to the ebay invoice after the auctions ends). So consider becoming a Patron! Drop on over and see my latest commission of Salacious Crumb.

Have a great weekend! 😃

To a New Year of Experiences!

Thank you to everyone who follows my paintbrush! Have wonderful, healthy, and safe New Year!! In 2018, I’ll be posting my artwork more often on my Patreon page – anyone can follow that page whether you make a pledge or not, so you are very much invited to drop in over there and click the “Follow” button on the top left-hand side of the page. If you enjoy the posts, perhaps down the road you’d like to become a Patron!

Whatever you decide, I’m very appreciative of your interest in my work, and am humbled that you are here. I look forward to sharing many more paintings, drawing, sketches, art/sketch cards, and who knows what else, in 2018. As always, your comments and feedback are welcome where ever and however you wish.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve, and may the wind always blow from the back. ♥

Pinouche, the headmaster Teckel of our house, wishes you all Happy New Year. If he could stay awake long enough. lol…

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