Stuff this week: First up, I had been given permission to show a painting but that showing has been postponed until a bit later. I’m looking forward to see how all that goes… Up next this week is another unicorn, this one based on an actual horse. Actually, he may well be finished tomorrow (Wednesday Feb 24). And then before beginning some work for a different project, I have a few returns I’d like to paint – one of four available Warlord of Mars returns, and one of three from The Deep trading card set. There are other available, if there are any someone would like to commission, please contact me! I have Dark Zodiac, Portraits of Poe, one Blake’s 7 (I think I have just one), two Pastime Portraits, three regular sized Historia and two “tobacco” sized returns, and four Grimm returns. Grimm is a particular problem: these cards were done a LONG time ago and mine were approved (if I remember right) but the one return that I painted has yet to be approved. It is a terribly long process.

I’ve been asked about Star Wars Perspectives cards. I was lucky enough to be invited on the set and accepted, but I never got the cards – unless they arrive all of a sudden – so I doubt I’ll have any returns. ūüôĀ

Lastly, the super-simple, ultra bare-and-spare preview – it is just a “mission statement” – is available to view. For me this is very exciting because, as is very obvious, there is much for this padawan to learn when it comes to the multitudes of file formats, uploading issues, inter-software-happiness-councilling, and people skills. Awesomely cool. I hope some people will join along, meet some cool sketch card artists, cool art collectors, maybe a few company dudes and dudettes, and see what happens!

For this small issue, until I learn a better way (and comments are very open for any helpful hints!), there is a viewable and downloadable PDF over on the dedicated page HERE and this is also where future issues will be stored permanently. Or simply scroll down a wee bit, it also here. Happy viewing and I hope for multitudes of comments! (or the sounds of multitudes of crickets)

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