So, it has been two weeks now that I’ve been attempting to learn the basics of Illustrator CS6. I’d tried a few years before and just couldn’t figure it out, but this time determination rules. With the help of the Help files and a quickstart guide, I’ve created a few trinkets, and this week I thought perhaps I could particpate in Flash Fiction Friday again (I miss it!), and try incorporating it into a newspaper layout.

To be honest, I ran out of time before being able to create everything I wanted to for it, but the main purpose of this was to learn how to place type, images, and create a basic layout. There is nothing fancy here, but I learned buckets doing this layout. I created everything from scratch except for the red man running (the FBI advert) and the sun in the weather. Oh, and the painting. The credit for that is right below the image – that was the prompt for the article/story.

The topic for FF this week was Crossroads, that is why the image is in there. The story is the article, written by the main character in my previously-created world of Nevaar. Turns out Brynn is a reporter. I had no idea. Brynn d’Herbe is her pen name. I had no idea of the either. Gosh but I’ve learned a lot this week.

The story is a bit of a mess, my focus was continuing to learn the software (hire me!), but do let me know what you think of it…  🙂 I also have it in PDF form, I’ll try to include the download link underneath. (I hope this all works!) Being able to post this in a legible manner is a big lesson in itself!

Please click the image for a better view, and click again for full-size!


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