That is pretty much where I’m up to with the events in the world of Brynn and Will. But more of that in another post.

It has been a busy few weeks! Please allow me to update. First, the day job. I’ve completed and sent off Mars Attacks! from Topps Entertainment, and begun drawing two new sets. Another set is possible for this summer, one that I am looking forward to as I’m a fan of the show. There will be as many ********** cards in my contribution as I can get away with, as I think ******* is such a great character.

I have a number of commissions lined up too, though not a huge number, seeing as there are quite a few sets. My plan next winter is to focus a little more on commissions… For the past two years I have been on a good number of sets (all of which I’ve enjoyed immensely).

Also have that painting waiting to be worked on. It is such a patient painting… never yells at me or complains. Perhaps it knows how much I’m looking forward to finishing it.

As for my writing, I have (very surprisingly) been writing regularly. Not lots, but regularly. Tried the “pants” thing again. I wore jeans, leggings, not much difference– No. Seriously, seems they call “free writing” (without an outline) writing “pants” style – seat of your pants.


Anyways, it went along swimmingly until things really started happening, and then I got a bit lost because I have a number of characters to keep track of. Very likely, once you have many years of mileage, this isn’t such a big deal, but for me, it was. So I’m continuing on with a “lite” outline.

You know what? I hate that word. “Lite” is just so… I don’t know… commercial. From now on, no more “lite”. Unless it’s beer. And even then… how many “lite” beers are any good? Maybe one. And oh god don’t ever eat “lite” chocolate! That is just the worst invention ever! Yuck!

Enough of that. 🙂 So my world is basically created, my playground laid out, and I’ve even been playing around with sketching things here and there. Might even try a short sequential piece at one point. But not with the characters I have now, I have a couple of others in mind for that. Yep, the idea pleases me.

Speaking of characters. I just heard that Sanctuary has been cancelled! Mind you, the way the last season ended, it felt like maybe they had that idea – it was an ending that could work to either end it all or begin it all again. Pretty cool. But Nikola Tesla. How cool is he? Dang, what a great character. Just over the top enough to make him interesting, but not too much to make him silly. Just perfect. Much like Doctor Who, come to think of it. Except Nikola drinks wine, and lots of it… 😀

“You’ve turned what was meant to be a symphony into rock and roll! French Canadian rock and roll!” Ha! You’d think he had even been over here to hear some…

I’ll miss you, Nikola…









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