Half way through doing the pencil layout.

— If the images don’t show, this post was posted from a Facebook post HERE. For part two of this, I’ll post on this website first. 🙂

Began a new travel sketch last weekend, and will continue it next weekend. From my Instagram (because I’ve no other way to get the images off my phone), I’m going to try the embed whatever-that-is method.

First, building the… “building”… and this time it felt right to mess with the perspective, just for the heck of it, to see what happens when this piece is done (which will take a weekend or two). (Forgive the annoying black spot in every image, the phone lens has a crack in it.)

The first time we laid eyes on this building, after a mighty long walk and a trip in the Paris metro, the sight was truly jaw-dropping. It’s big. Really really really big, and the amount of workmanship and detail that’s been done over many centuries is mind boggling.

And then there is inside.

I’m a loooong time non-believer, but that takes nothing away from the ability to appreciate absolutely stunning architecture…. And the stained glass windows inside are incredible.

I will never ever be able to do any kind of justice to views like this, so I’m not even trying. My effort in this will just be to try and portray the… the… well, the very simple “wow” and “dang that’s big” feeling you get the first time you visit this place. I won’t succeed, but it’s worth a try. It will take another weekend or two, so stay tuned! 😀




Laying out the basic shapes and deciding how much to wobble the perspective to help me (when it’s done) share the feeling that Notre Dame de Paris gives you the first time you see it.


The sketch itself took a few days to do (on my weekend, so that’s in between doing “weekend stuff”). This is the very first layer of watercolor wash, feeling my way around how the “temperature” of the piece could be used to show mass. We’ll see if this actually works…!

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