My participation in Flash Fiction Friday will be on a bit of a hiatus for now. It makes me sad and a bit afraid because I enjoy participating so very much in the group prompts. But, with all the artwork projects I have right now, and the book project I’m duty-bound to complete, something must give somewhere.

So. Well, my writing project moves along… really slowly, but better than not at all. And after my experience with NaNoWriMo last November, this is (for me) a less painful way. That internal editor in my brain is learning to shut up, I’ve promised it full freedom if I get this when I get this story completed. I managed to complete two books before, so this is doable.

For artwork, Warlord of Mars is done, and Mars Attacks! is more than halfway complete. I’m really happy with the commissions finished lately, had alot of fun with them, and will be getting them all done within about three weeks. The new cover project finally got started yesterday, and I’ll continue that after I’m finished writing this…. And Friday (I hope) I get to start a new horse painting.

In a week or two, the pile of return cards on my table will be attacked, and I’m excited about that. Very different subjects to paint!

Until next time, Free The Fangirls!

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