It’s the last day! And for some of you, it is Helix night. For me (and those of us in Canada) it will be Monday night. Tuesday for me since it is on a 10 pm, and I’m up at 5 am. Way too late for this old girl. 🙂 But on the bright side, it’s Grimm night! And 12 Monkeys! (I’ll be watching that tomorrow.)

Anyhow, thank you for having visited these past few days! This was fun and has renewed my interest in exploring a few things further. My “sketchbook”, which is being drawn in conjunction with my fictional book series, is coming along nicely. As it happens my first book will be available tomorrow (pre-orders are available now) on Amazon and Kobo. “Pieces of Nothing” is an exploration of genres and is loosely based on the theme of influence. Grab a copy anytime!

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