Kylo Ren, available for a 5-day auction on Ebay...

Kylo Ren, available for a 5-day auction on Ebay…

X-Wing, from "The Force Awakens" series 2 from Topps.

X-Wing, from “The Force Awakens” series 2 from Topps.

Back in the studio as of today! To those who chatted with me while I was away, it was great to talk to you! Please remind me of what I am supposed to do now, as I’m going through a few notes, but I don’t have all of them – planes, trains, automobiles, and buses have a funny way of eating up stuff… :-p

Above, are two AP cards painted just before I left, Kylo Ren is available on Ebay for a 5 day auction.
My head is swimming. Taking awhile for jet lag to go away (hey, wait till your MY age…), but I’m glad to be back at it. An absolute must, along with current commissions and contracts of course, is time to explore the experiences of the trip that just ended, before it all fades away. It must be applied to my work now, my life now, and let it change whatever it must.
As I lose people around me, I can bring them with me at the same time – share experiences and in so doing let the past be what it was and welcome new points of view while respecting the old ones that made me and those close to me who we are.
Change is unavoidable, may as well jump into it!
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