It has been a while since an update, but the paint has been flying in my studio, figuratively speaking of course. Concerning sketch cards, official sets are fully underway and (as usual) deadlines are not permitting much detail, but I’m doing my best. For commissions, I refuse to hurry, therefore I am once again a little behind but I much prefer that than doing a quick job. Commissions are what I prefer to paint, and are what I look to find. A couple of Disney commissions will be posted probably tomorrow, and after that a couple of unicorns are on the list. 😀

Should you ever wish to know what cards are available from me, most of them can be found on THIS page. The “Purchase Artwork” page has PayPal options for work directly from me, and links to anything already up on Ebay. Thanks for looking!

Last week, the guys over at The Functional Nerds (itunes link here) invited me on to chat with them, about fan stuff and a bit of Sketch card chatter. Patrick Hester and John Anelio are two of the nicest and nerdiest guys you could listen to, and have been podcasting for many years. Patrick Hester is also running the SF Signal Podcast, talking weekly with all the big-name people in the wonderous world of Sci Fi fiction be it on TV, movies or books. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, I highly recommend them both!

And because even illustrators need to eat, and anything that involves David Tennant is automatically amazing, I thought I’d share this 47 minute video of Jamie Oliver (yes I’m a fan of his as well) and David Tennant cooking together! 😀 The show is a treat (so to speak) to watch. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and until next time, may your milk never curdle! (Unless you want it to.)

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