Playing with a different color palette is like trying on pretend shoes. They are the shoes of your dreams – because they aren’t real so they can be anything you want – but dang it all, they just don’t quite fit anyway. The fact that nobody else can see them might have something to do with, but… mostly I think it’s the gravel in the driveway that goes right through the sole of those cool shoes.

But I was talking about color, and not shoes, of course. For the past couple of weeks, while painting projects for work, I’ve been using only 3 colors, and white, to complete pieces. It’s wonderful and I highly recommend it as a learning experience, You can be sure I will continue – ideally, I’d create my own “project” (continuously) to explore the “extreme” limited palette. If anyone is interested, I’d blog about it, because what you learn from such a change is surprising.

However, the downside, is that you don’t get some of those artificial “bling” colors that I, for one, like to play with. My end-game, I think, would be to grow using the limited palette, and learn when to use those cool “bling” colors.

Cuz you know, perfect shoes don’t exist, but you sure can paint ’em! :-p  (giggle)

Anywho, today I finished another in my horse series, this one a bit larger: 6 inches by 9 and 3/4 inches. Acrylic paint on unmounted canvas. No filters were applied to the image, which is why you see so much canvas grain.

He doesn’t have a name yet….  If you wish to give him a home, please click here or the image! He is $95.00 plus shipping.

6 x 9 3/4 in, acrylic on unmounted canvas.

6 x 9 3/4 in, acrylic on unmounted canvas.

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