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Please simply scroll down for a “quick look” at a few samples of sketch cards, and near the bottom of the page are a couple of larger paintings. If you like what you see, the menu bar up top will take any where you wish to go. I recommend visiting the Blog page, where there is a sidebar menu for easy navigation to galleries.

New artwork is constantly being added, so please feel free to return. Even better, sign up for my occasional newsletter, or subscribe to the RSS feed if you prefer updates that way. I’m easy, take the road you like the best! I’m also chatty, so feel free to leave comments or email me.


Welcome to Rabid Horse

The art website for Illustrator/Author Ingrid K. V. Hardy.


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Please visit the Blog page for my most recent updates! BLOG

Leia Organa

It’s Monday! And it’s bloody freezing here in south-eastern Quebec! Seriously, it January-like weather outside, and it is supposed to be Spring… Anyway, here is one of my artist proof cards from the Topps Star Wars trading card set, Leia Organa. It... read more
Perna Studio's Halloween Cards

If you are a reader, or know one, perhaps you would like “Pieces of Nothing”:

A teaspoon of romance, a dram of horror, and a pinch of dark fantasy make up the recipe for this anthology of short stories, based around a loose theme of influence. Who affects whom? What affects the end of your day? A little bit of nothing occasionally turns out to be something.

Along with just a hint of humor, this collection hopes to introduce you to the strange fiction of K. V. Hardy.

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Where I usually post the most recent work I’ve done, and share updates what is happening in my little corner of the sketch card and freelance art world.


If you are reading this far down the page, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit and looking at my work. I love hearing from people, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at:  or

Merci mille fois!

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